Adjust Your Backpack

The closer heavy objects are to the body, the easier it is to put a backpack on and to balance it while carrying. Heavy objects should be placed over lighter objects at shoulder height. Only the basic necessities should be carried on the outside, but a variety of our backpacks provide practical attachment possibilities for attaching things to the side, such as tent poles. A sleeping bag belongs in the bottom compartment. Stuff sacks keep everything organized for stowing in the main compartment or side pockets.

Step 1: Put on

Loosen the shoulder straps and lift the backpack by the handle to leg-height and slip your arms into each shoulder strap one by one.

Step 2: Hip Strap

Always fasten the hip strap before tightening the shoulder straps: the middle of the hip strap should be in line with the hip bone.

Step 3: Shoulder Straps

After adjusting the back length, moderately tighten the shoulder straps.

Step 4: Load control straps

Adjust load control straps in the collarbone area at an approx. 20 – 30° angle.

Step 5: Chest strap

Improves freedom of movement, stabilizes carrying system and therefore prevents early exhaustion.

Step 6: Load control

Hip strap Improves horizontal load control.