Unique in the Industry

Tasmanian Tiger products are made to European manufacturing standards and social working conditions which respect the dignity and well-being of all employees working in our own factories. Under our OPEN FACTORY program, you are very welcome to visit our factory Mountech Co. Ltd. on any Friday and experience how it operates.

What Open Factory means

“Open Factory” means “open production”: once a week, Mountech Co. Ltd., Tatonka’s production facilities in Vietnam, opens its doors. Anyone who is interested – consumers, retailers, journalists, industry specialists, NGO representatives – is welcome to visit the facility while it is in production.

This project, which is unique in the tactical industry, was initiated in 2011 and very quickly established. It was made possible because the Bavarian family company Tatonka is the sole owner of Mountech Co. Ltd.

Social responsibility – transparency creates trust

For many people, it is becoming increasingly important to purchase products under socially responsible, fair conditions. Companies that use contract manufacturing can prove that their production is fair with seals and certificates, however Tatonka is going its own unique way with “Open Factory”, and opening up its facilities to anyone who is interested – not least because seals and certificates can also be questioned by critics.

The Open Factory project demonstrates how principles and convictions can actually be lived and experienced. Anyone is welcome to see Tatonka’s sustainable social commitment for themselves.

Something very special: its own production facilities

Ever since the Tatonka brand was first founded, its products have all been made at the company’s own facility, Mountech Co. Ltd. This was set up at the end of the 1980s under the company’s own management, and is still run that way today. Managing director Andreas Schechinger, son of the company founder, is responsible for all decisions, and travels to Vietnam several times a year, each time for several weeks.

From the beginning, the aim has been to establish the production to European standards in order to manufacture high-quality outdoor equipment. Naturally, this means training staff appropriately on site, and creating the framework conditions for a close co-operation – because the development department, administration and delivery warehouse are all in Dasing in Bavaria/Germany.

Social responsibility towards staff – in Germany and Vietnam – is an integral part of Tatonka’s corporate philosophy.